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Optimize your audit process by implementing a comprehensive and integrated solution that ensures SOC 2 compliance.

SOC 2 compliance refers to the adherence of an organization to the Service Organisation Control 2 framework. This framework is designed to ensure that service providers maintain effective controls over the security, availability,

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The Service Organisation Controls 2 (SOC 2) certification holds significant value for organisations engaged in service delivery, particularly those offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The certification serves as evidence that an organisation has successfully incorporated robust security measures aligned with the fundamental principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Numerous IT security teams encounter challenges when endeavouring to effectively execute the multitude of IT security controls mandated for adherence to the SOC 2 Security Principle. The acquisition of each technological solution can incur significant expenses, followed by the intricate process of deploying, configuring, and subsequently maintaining and monitoring the security controls daily. This arduous task can prove to be overwhelming, even for well-resourced security teams. The attainment of SOC 2 certification proves to be an arduous endeavour for numerous organisations, rendering it unattainable or necessitating a protracted journey to fulfil the requirements outlined in the Common Criteria.

Unified Security Management (USM) is an esteemed solution that holds the prestigious SOC 2 certification. By leveraging USM, you can efficiently address numerous SOC 2 compliance requirements, thereby streamlining your journey towards your forthcoming SOC 2 audit. USM offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that integrates essential security controls required for compliance demonstration. This includes asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, log management, file integrity monitoring, and various other functionalities. Additionally, this solution offers preconfigured compliance reports and automated threat intelligence updates, enabling you to maintain compliance through ongoing security monitoring.

In contrast to the arduous task of implementing and overseeing various security control solutions, the deployment of the USM platform for compliance management can be accomplished within a mere day. By implementing a centralised monitoring system, you will be able to effectively oversee and manage the security of your on-premises infrastructure, as well as your cloud environments in AWS or Azure. This comprehensive approach enables you to meet the necessary criteria for SOC 2 compliance more efficiently, while also ensuring continuous monitoring of security and compliance across all your environments, including cloud applications. The USM platform boasts not only SOC 2 certification but also the coveted PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance. This comprehensive range of certifications ensures that your security monitoring needs are met with utmost assurance, whether you operate in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

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USM provides various SOC 2 compliance security needs in one solution to help you prepare for your next audit quicker and easier:

Asset Discovery and Inventory
Vulnerability Assessment
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Integrated Threat Intelligence
Security & Compliance Reports & Views
Orchestrated Incident Response
Log Management
Threat and Intrusion Detection (IDS) across host, network, and cloud environments
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