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Amazon Web Services (AWS) security and compliance
USM manages cloud security and compliance.


Features crucial to protecting data in the AWS cloud.

The cloud is benefiting most businesses, big and small. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides flexibility and scalability to enterprises across many industries. Unfortunately, IT security experts lose visibility and control over cloud data flow and workload and instance creation. AWS security and compliance best practises remain their responsibility.

Traditional, network-centric security features like intrusion detection fail when relocated to the cloud, and Amazon prohibits vulnerability assessment unless an AWS Vulnerability / Penetration Testing Request Form is filled out and accepted.

USM solves security and compliance issues and more. We optimised our AWS sensor to handle the greatest cloud security vulnerabilities in the easiest manner.

Keep an eye out for, report, and look into AWS security issues:

AWS anomaly detection and alerting, continuous vulnerability assessments, and instantaneous asset discovery and misconfiguration detection.

Achieve AWS security compliance faster and prove it:

In just minutes, you can have full insight into your AWS security and compliance with regulations like PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NERC CIP, and many more.

Connect your on-premises and AWS security systems

VNK CSI's Agency Defence Lab provides unified security monitoring to eliminate blind spots and integrated threat intelligence to swiftly react to occurrences.

Azure compliance and security monitoring
Cloud-first security. Azure-based platform.

Features crucial to protecting data in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure's vital apps and data helps cloud-first organisations greatly. The cloud's attraction is agility, scalability, and user access.

Cloud applications and services give users greater flexibility but present significant IT security holes. They still manage Azure security and compliance. How can IT security professionals monitor Azure security without switching tools or methods?

USM secures off-premises apps, data, and user activities. USM is designed for cloud security monitoring to reduce risk and increase compliance for Azure security.

•    Detect and probe Azure security issues: 
Alert on odd Azure behaviour, execute continuous vulnerability scans, and promptly uncover new assets or misconfigurations.
•    Integrate on-premises and cloud security monitoring:
VNK CSI's Agency Defence Labs' integrated threat intelligence and unified security monitoring eliminate blind spots and speed incident response.
•    Deploy in minutes to monitor and show Azure security compliance for PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NERC CIP, and more.

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