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Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing with VNK’s Agency Defense Labs (ADL)


Pen testing services

From attack simulation to red teaming, our penetration testers employ cybercriminal thinking to find security vulnerabilities.

One of the primary justifications for conducting a penetration test is the notable surge in cyber attacks witnessed in the wake of the global pandemic:

• It is imperative to assess the risk level and security awareness of your employees in order to ascertain the potential vulnerabilities within your organization's cyber defence framework.
• It is imperative to assess the efficacy of your defensive measures in order to ensure their effectiveness.
• Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of security vulnerabilities to inform strategic decision-making and planning processes.

Keep up. Eliminate security flaws

Penetration testing simulates a cyber assault on an organisation to find security vulnerabilities in systems and processes. Our penetration testers will hack software and devices to find vulnerabilities and logic faults that might put your organisation at danger. Testing services may evaluate security rules and enhance vulnerability assessment and management.

A well-scoped penetration test helps discover operational system business risks and ensure security best practise.

Types of Penetration Tests

Network penetration testing

This frequent pen test finds security flaws in servers, firewalls, and IT equipment before hackers can exploit them.

Physical penetration testing

A penetration tester compromises physical security to access a business's network, building, or staff to execute a cyber assault to find security weaknesses.

Digital footprint assessment

Cloud services and online apps have increased cyberattack risk. Our pen testers acquire OSINT about your company' internet-facing systems and assess your external network's perimeter defence by designing probable assaults.

Web app and API penetration testing

Our CREST-certified penetration testing solution provides automatic and human web application and API penetration testing.

Compliant penetration testing

Classic pen testing for online, mobile, and network infrastructure. This may also report PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and CIS controls compliance.

Assumed breach assessment

Remote employees face increased security risks due to the home working boom. In the case of a breach, our operators will evaluate your security from passive network monitoring to active exploit to get a complete picture.

Mobile app penetration testing

Mobile app pen testing evaluates your mobile app to find security vulnerabilities that might threaten users, reveal sensitive data, and damage your brand. 

Mobile app penetration testing

Mobile app pen testing evaluates your mobile app to find security vulnerabilities that might threaten users, reveal sensitive data, and damage your brand. 

Red team assessment

For companies with mature security controls, a scenario-based attack simulation in which our pen testers try to obtain pre-defined crown jewels using adversarial tools, tactics, and procedures to uncover attack paths provides the ultimate validation for your defensive response and cyber resilience.

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Learn more by downloading our Penetration Testing Insights Brochure (downloadable PDF)
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