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VNK CSI is a trusted adviser that can holistically secure digital and business transformation in networking, making innovation quicker and safer.

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Digital transformation is transforming cyber risk management:

SD-WAN may enable organisations relocate resources closer to where they are used, empower the IT staff to adapt and reconfigure fast, support new capabilities, and reduce administration overhead. Many believe SD-WAN unlocks a more nimble and cost-effective network.

Enterprise network changes may interrupt security. Thus, organisations must design, execute, and monitor cybersecurity while virtualizing networks.

SD WAN initiatives need cybersecurity strategies

•    SD-WAN may enhance network reliability, affordability, administration, and security, revolutionising company.
•    How cybersecurity fits in: SD-WAN solutions must develop, execute, and analyse security measures to maximise cybersecurity.
•    VNK CSI Cybersecurity helps organisations integrate cyber risk management into network transformation via strategic advising

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Image by Shahadat Rahman

Manage numerous security policies centrally.

•    Business's network transformation:
Managing various corporate and branch internet and cellular connections may be difficult. SD-WAN lets network administrators control numerous internet connections from one screen.
•    Cybersecurity: 
Managing security rules across sites and users demands centralization. Security teams must centrally monitor and implement security rules across users and locations.
•    VNK CSI managed network security services simplify and centralise network security policy enforcement. VNK CSI's unified endpoint security services centralise device visibility and administration.

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