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Policies and Training


Establish a robust human firewall through the implementation of cybersecurity awareness training.


The realm of cybersecurity extends far beyond the mere utilisation of technology and tools. It is imperative to impart knowledge to your team members regarding the identification and mitigation of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Developing a robust technology acceptable use policy is imperative to effectively convey the anticipated conduct and establish data and security protocols within your organisation. It is imperative to tailor your policy in alignment with your legal, insurance, and compliance objectives, ensuring its widespread dissemination and adherence throughout your organisation.

Phishing Simulation Tool

Evaluate the preparedness of your teams by subjecting them to continuous, automated, and covert phishing email campaigns. Individuals who fall victim to the bait will undergo targeted training at the specific juncture where the security breach occurred. Implementing regular reporting practises is crucial in the realm of cyber security as it allows for the assessment of data retention and the monitoring of training performance.


Ensure that you possess a comprehensive understanding of your cybersecurity posture through diligent engagement in cybersecurity assessments and testing.

Utilise proactive testing, scanning, analysis, and continuous recommendations to identify vulnerabilities and effectively mitigate cyber risk.

Maintain, test, and enhance cybersecurity health:

1. Find weaknesses and avoid account takeover.
2. Prioritise cyber risk analysis recommendations to close gaps.
3. Assess your cybersecurity against leading frameworks.
4. Improve regulatory compliance.
5. Create a risk reduction strategy.


Identify and assess potential security weaknesses, subsequently establishing a hierarchy based on their level of criticality.

Compromised Password Scanner

Receive alerts when employee credentials are compromised and sold on the Dark Web.

Vulnerability Scanner

Identify security weaknesses with automated scanning, reporting, and recommendations using AI, machine learning, and contextual prioritisation.

Website Security Scanner

Actively monitor public-facing websites for flaws that might harm site users, your organisation, brand, and reputation.

Penetration Testing

Human-led simulated cyberattacks resemble cybercriminals to test your defences and find network and system flaws.

Certified ethical hackers 

Certified ethical hackers exploit and report vulnerabilities across your network, devices, mobile apps, and online applications.

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